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JAAZANIAH (jā-ăz'a-nī'a, Heb. ya’ăzanyāhû, ya’ăzanyah, Jehovah hears)

2. A Rechabite, son of Jeremiah (not the prophet), a leader of his people, whose loyalty to their ancestral precepts the prophet Jeremiah used as a lesson to his own countrymen (Jer 35:3).

3. Son of Shaphan, and one of the seventy elders of Israel seen in a vision by Ezekiel offering incense to idols in Jerusalem (Ezek 8:11).

4. Son of Azzur, one of the twenty-five Judean elders against whose sin Ezekiel was commanded to prophesy (Ezek 11:1).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(ya’azanyahu, in 2Ki 25:23; Eze 8:11; ya’azanyah, in Jer 35:3; Eze 11:1, "Yah hears"):

(1) In 2Ki 25:23, "son of the Maacathite," and one of the Judean "captains of the forces" who joined Gedaliah, the Babylonian governor appointed by Nebuchadrezzar over Judah, at Mizpah. He is the "Jezaniah" of Jer 40:8; 42:1. Though not mentioned by name, he was presumably one of those captains who joined Johnnan in his attack on Ishmael after the latter had slain Gedaliah (Jer 41:11-18). He is also the same as Azariah of Jer 43:2, a name read by the Septuagint’s Codex Vaticanus in 42:1 also. Jer 43:5 relates how Johnnan and his allies, Jaazaniah (= Azariah) among them, left Judah with the remnant, and took up their abode in Egypt.

(2) In Jer 35:3, son of Jeremiah (not the prophet), and a chief of the Rechabite clansmen from whose "staunch adherence to the precepts of their ancestor" Jeremiah "points a lesson for his own countrymen" (Driver, Jeremiah, 215).

(3) In Eze 8:11, son of Shaphan, and one of the seventy men of the ciders of Israel whom Ezekiel saw in a vision of Jerusalem offering incense to idols.

(4) In Eze 11:1, son of Azzur, and one of the 25 men whom Ezekiel saw in his vision of Jerusalem, at the East door of the Lord’s house, and against whose iniquity he was commanded to prophesy (11:1-13).