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JAARE-OREGIM (jā'a-rē-ôr'ē-jĭm, Heb. ya‘ărê-ōreghīm). The father of Elhanan, who killed the giant brother of Goliath (2Sam.21.19; see footnote). The title oregim means weaver and seems to have been added by a scribe who confused the real name with the size of the giant’s sword. Jaare also seems to be a scribal error, since the name is given in Chronicles as Jair (1Chr.20.5). Most authorities agree that the name in Chronicles is correct.

JAARE-OREGIM jā’ ə rĭ ôr’ ə jĭm (יַעְרֵי־אֹרְגִ֜ים, LXX ̓Αριωγιμ). The name of a man who is the father of Elhanan, described as the killer of Goliath the Gittite (2 Sam 21:19).

An apparent textual error is noted: the first part intended to be Jair (1 Chron 20:5), and the second part prob. a scribal mistake, in bringing up “oregim” (“weavers”) from the following line (2 Sam 21:19). The problem of who killed Goliath may be solved by the statement in 1 Chronicles 20:5, where Elhanan is said to have slain Lahme, the brother of Goliath.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ja’-a-re-or’-e-jim, -or’e-gim (ya`are’oreghim): In 2Sa 21:19, given as the name of a Bethlehemite, father of Elhanan, who is said to have slain Goliath the Gittite (compare 1Sa 17). The name is not likely to be a man’s name; the second part means "weavers" and occurs also as the last word of the verse in the Massoretic Text, so it is probably a scribal error here due to repetition. The first part is taken to be

(1) an error for ya`ir (see Jair), which is to be read in the parallel section in 1Ch 20:5;

(2) in 2Sa 23:24 Elhanan is the son of Dodo, also a Bethlehemite, and Klostermann would read here Dodai as the name of Elhanan’s father.