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JAAKAN (jā'a-kăn, Heb. ya‘ăqān). A descendant of Esau (1Chr.1.35-1Chr.1.42; niv “Akan”; kjv “Jakan”). He was the son of Ezer, who was a Horite (Gen.36.20-Gen.36.27, “Akan”). Israel rested in the land of the Jaakanites, where there were wells, and Aaron was buried there (Deut.10.6-Deut.10.7). In the report of Israel’s wanderings the camp is called Bene (sons of) Jaakan (Num.33.31-Num.33.32).

JAAKAN jā’ ə kăn (יַעֲקָ֑ן; LXX βαναια, 1 Chron 1:42). One of the three sons of Ezer, a Horite chief in Edom (Gen 36:20-30). The name appears in Numbers 33:32 as Benejaakan (“the sons of Jaakan”), a place in or near the western side of the Arabah where an encampment of the Israelites was made on their journey from Sinai to Ezion-geber. It also occurs in Deuteronomy 10:6 as Beeroth Bene-jaakan (“the wells of the sons of Jaakan”), a reference to another phase of the journeying.

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