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IZHAR (ĭz'har, Heb. yitshār, the shining one)

A Levite, son of Kohath, whose descendants formed a tribal family (Exod.6.18-Exod.6.19; Num.3.19; 1Chr.6.18, 1Chr.6.38).In ASV and RSV a descendant of Judah, whose mother was Helah (1Chr.4.7). NIV has “Zohar”; KJV and NEB have “Jezoar.”

2. A descendant of Judah; his mother’s name was Helah (1 Chron 4:7; KJV Jezoar). ASVmg. gives the name Zohar (1 Chron 4:7).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(yitshar, "the shining one"):

(1) The father of Korah (Nu 16:1), descended from a Kohathite Levite of this name, whose descendants formed a family, in the tribe of Levi (Ex 6:18,21; Nu 3:19,27; 1Ch 6:18,38).

(2) A descendant of Judah, whose mother’s name was Helah. the American Revised Version margin gives the name Zohar (1Ch 4:7).