Island, Isle, Isles of the Gentiles

Though references are scattered, a notable concentration appears (Isa, Jer, and Ezek) and a definite pattern of Israelite geographical knowledge (based partially on Phoenician and Philistine contacts) seems implied. Items of trade suggest E African or Indian contacts through Aqabah (1 Kings 10:22; Ezek 27:15) but neighboring Mediterranean areas, esp. Kittim (Cyprus) Caphtor (Crete?) and Dedan (Rhodes?) were in clearer view. Elishah (Ezek 27:7) was perhaps the Peloponessos or southern Italy, and metal smelting Tarshish may have been Cilician Tarsus, Sardinia, or Tartessus in Spain. NT references, naturally more explicit, include Malta and specific Aegean islands, while in Revelation 6:14 and 16:20 a world-view reappears.