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IRPEEL (ĭr'pī-ĕl, Heb. yirpe’ēl, God heals). A city of Benjamin (Josh.18.27). The site is uncertain, but is it probably near the ancient Gibeon.

IRPEEL ĭr’ pĭ əl (יִרְפְּאֵ֖ל). A city of Benjamin only in the description of the inheritance “of the tribe of Naphtali” (Josh 19:39), prob. a foreign place name. The modern Yārūn, between Enhazor (v. 37) and Migdalel (v. 38), NE of Gush-halab.

IRPEEL ĭr’ pĭ əl (יִרְפְּאֵ֖ל). A city of Benjamin (Josh 18:27). It was prob. in the hill country NW of Jerusalem, most likely Rafat, N of Gibeon.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ur’-pe-el, ir’-pe-el (yirpe’el): An unidentified city in Benjamin (Jos 18:27). It may possibly be represented by Rafat, a ruin to the North of el-Jib, the ancient Gibeon.