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Specialist Role

In order to secure the authoritative state of the BiblicalTraining library, we have established several user roles. The Specialist Role is for

  • people with a Ph.D. or Th.D. (or equivalent, not D.Min.) who have made a significant investment in their education and are seen as experts in their field
  • who are able to write definitive articles or moderate a collection of articles on sensitive and significant topics
  • people whose work is fully authoritative, especially in controversial and sensitive topics
  • we prefer people with a history of publishing in the area
  • Specialists may submit the work of their doctoral students, especially doctoral students, but the article will be listed with both their names.

    Types of Articles

    The staff of BiblicalTraining has pre-assigned 543 articles to this category. It includes articles such as baptism, communion, justification, salvation, Jesus, propitiation, ordo salutis.


    These articles are generally locked, which means other people may not modify them since they are listed as being written by the specialist. However, minor edits can be submitted by Professors and Editors (not Associate Editors), and articles representing other interpretations can be submitted.

    All these articles are on BTL's watchlist, which means we pay special attention to any suggested edits.

    When a Professor (role 3) or Editor (role 5) makes suggested modifications to a Scholar's article, those suggestions go into a queue to be accepted by the Scholar (or his students). If they are not accepted or rejected within a month of submission, the editorial staff of BiblicalTraining will make the determination.


    If you would like to participate in the BiblicalTraining library in the role of Specialist, please fill out the Application for Specialist Role form.

    Thank you.

    The BTL team