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Editor Role

In order to secure the authoritative state of the BiblicalTraining library (BTL), we have established several user roles. The Editor Role is for:

  • people with some formal education in biblical studies such as pastors and missionaries,
  • people currently enrolled in a MA, MDiv, or ThM program,
  • people who have been committed to lifelong biblical studies for some time.
  • This role can modify articles, which are then moderated by the Professors (role 2) and moderate changes in articles made by Associate Editors (role 4).

    Types of Articles and Activities

    The staff of BibleGateway has pre-assigned about a fourth of our articles to this category. Many of these topics are shorter in nature, but they are important. You will be involved in many activities such as

  • editing the articles assigned to this role
  • merging articles (see Formatting Standards)
  • suggesting new articles (see Application for a new article)
  • correcting grammar and spelling
  • correcting formatting
  • uploading pictures
  • Modifications

    Editors are limited to changing not more than 10% of an article.

    All suggested changes are passed into a moderation queue, and will be made active once accepted by a Professor (role 2).

    Editors can suggest new topics by filing out the Application for a new article form.


    If you would like to participate in the BTL in the role of Editor, please fill out the Application for Editor Role form.

    Thank you.

    The BTL team

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