d.523. Pope from 514. Born at Frosinone in Latium, he succeeded Symmachus as bishop of Rome in 514. Eastern and Western churches had been divided since 484 over the Henoticon,* but Hormisdas negotiated with the emperor Anastasius I in 515 to hold a council. His extravagant demands were rejected by the emperor. In 519 further negotiations induced the emperor Justin I and the patriarch John to sign a dogmatic statement (“Formula Hormisdae”), accepting the Chalcedonian Definition* and the Tome of Leo. The names of Acacius, Zeno, and Anastasius were removed from the “diptychs,” and the authority of the Roman see was emphasized (based on Matt. 16:18). Hormisdas conferred with the Arian Goths in ecclesiastical matters and maintained good relations with Theodoric, the Ostrogoth ruler of Italy.