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HAZEROTH (ha-zē'rŏth, courts or villages). A station on Israel’s journeys in the wilderness, about forty-two (seventy km.) miles from Mount Sinai, northeastward toward the Gulf of Aqabah. The people seem to have stayed there for some time after the terrible plague at Kibroth Hattaavah (Num.11.35). Aaron and Miriam rebelled against Moses here (Num.12.1-Num.12.16). The identification of the place is uncertain.

HAZEROTH hə zĭr’ ŏth (חֲצֵרֹֽת). A camp of the Israelites during their wilderness wanderings, the third from Sinai (Num 33:17, 18; 11:35; 12:16; Deut 1:1). At Hazeroth, Aaron and Miriam quarreled with Moses regarding his marriage to a Cushite woman and his claim that God spoke only through him (Num 12:1, 2). It is prob. to be identified with ’Ain Khadra, about thirty m. NE of Jebel Musa, on the way to Aqabah.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ha-ze’-roth, haz’-er-oth (chatseroth, "enclosures"): A camp of the Israelites, the 3rd from Sinai (Nu 11:35; 12:16; 33:17; De 1:1). It is identified with `Ain Chadrah ("spring of the enclosure"), 30 miles Northeast of Jebel Musa, on the way to the ’Arabah.

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