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HADORAM (ha-dō'răm, Heb. hădhōrām)

A son of Joktan (Gen.10.27; 1Chr.1.21) and probably an Arab tribe of that name in Arabia Felix.Son of the king of Hamath sent by his father to congratulate David on his victory over Hadadezer (1Chr.18.9-1Chr.18.11). In 2Sam.8.10 the name is written as Joram.Rehoboam’s superintendent of the men under forced labor (2Chr.10.18; niv “Adoniram,” see footnote). The Israelites stoned him when Rehoboam sent him to them, presumably to collect taxes or to raise a levy of workers. Perhaps the same as Adoniram of 1Kgs.4.6.

The Israelites found this forced labor very distasteful, and when Rehoboam refused to relax this policy, the northern tribes split from Judah and Benjamin (1 Kings 12:1-16 and 2 Chron 10:1-11). In an esp. stupid move, Rehoboam sent the arch symbol of this hated corvee, Adoram, and the people promptly stoned him to death (1 Kings 12:18; 2 Chron 10:18).


I. Mendelsohn, “Samuel’s Denunciation of Kingship in the light of the Akkadian Documents from Ugarit,” BASOR, 143 (1956), 17-22.

HADORAM hə dôr’ əm (הֲדוֹרָ֥ם). 1. Either the son of Joktan or an Arabian tribe called the son of Joktan (Gen 10:27; 1 Chron 1:21).

Son of Tou, king of Hamath; sent to David with presents by his father (1 Chron 18:10). The parallel passage, 2 Samuel 8:10, reads “Joram,” but it should prob. be “Hadoram.”

3. An official of King Rehoboam in the forced labor department. The people of Israel stoned him to death (2 Chron 10:18), the same as Adoram (1 Kings 12:18) and Adoniram (4:6).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) Son of Joktan and apparently 6th in descent from Noah (Ge 10:27 parallel 1Ch 1:21).

(2) Son of Tou, king of Hamath, sent by his father with presents to King David (1Ch 18:10). In 2Sa 8:9,10, written probably incorrectly "Joram," "son of Toi."

(3) Rehoboam’s superintendent of the forced labor department (2Ch 10:18), called Adoram 1Ki 12:18, a contraction of ADONIRAM (which see). He was sent by Rehoboam as messenger to Israel at the time of the revolt of the ten tribes and was stoned to death by them.