HADID (hā'dĭd, Heb. hādhîdh, sharp). A village in Benjamin named with Lod and Ono (Ezra.2.33; Neh.7.37; Neh.11.34). It was located about three miles (five km.) east of Lydda.

HADID hā’ dĭd (חָדִ֥יד). A city in Benjamin (Neh 11:33) named with Lod and Ono (Ezra 2:33; Neh 7:37) as peopled by 720 returning Benjaminites after the Babylonian captivity (Neh 11:34). It is prob. to be identified with Adida (1 Macc 12:38; 13:13) and with the modern el-Haditheth, about three to four m. NE of Lydda. According to Josephus, Adida was fortified by Simon Maccabeus (Jos. Antiq. XIII. xi. 5) and by Vespasian (Jos. War IV ix. 1), and near it Aretas III defeated Alexander Janneus (Jos. Antiq. XIII. xv. 2).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A city in Benjamin (Ne 11:33 f) named with Lod and Ono (Ezr 2:33; Ne 7:37), probably identical with Adida Septuagint Hadida) of 1 Macc 12:38; 13:13, "over against the plain," which was fortified by nodetitle. It is represented by the modern el-Chaditheh, about 3 miles Northeast of Lydda.