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HACHMONI, HACHMONITE hăk’ mō nī, hăk’-mō nīt (חַכְמוֹנִ֗י, wise). 1. The family of Jashobeam, one of David’s Mighty Men (1 Chron 11:11). He is called a Tahchemonite in 2 Samuel 23:8, but this is undoubtedly a textual error, and should be parallel with 1 Chronicles 11:11, reading “Jashobeam the Hachmonite.”

2. The family of Jehiel, one of David’s servants (1 Chron 27:32), where the word should be tr. “Hachmonite,” as in 11:11, since both render the same Heb. word).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

hak-mo’-ni, hak’-mo-ni, or probably (chakhmoni, "wise"): The same word is rendered "Hachmoni," a proper name, in 1Ch 27:32 and "a Hachmonite" in 1Ch 11:11. The form of the Hebrew word suggests that the latter translation should be adopted in both passages, and that it describes the warrior in one case, and the companion or tutor of David’s sons in the other, as a member of a certain family--a Hachmonite of which nothing further is known. 2Sa 23:8, "Josheb-basshebeth a Tahchemonite," bears the marks of a corrupt text, and should be parallel with 1Ch 11:11 so far as the name goes, reading "Jashobeam the Hachmonite." So Klostermann, Driver, Wellhausen, Budde, etc.