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Guy Ballard

1878-1939. Founder of the I AM Movement.* Born in Kansas, he worked as a mining engineer before claiming in 1930 that the great Ascended Master of the spirit world St. Germain appeared to him on Mount Shasta in California and revealed to him the secret mysteries of the universe, and showed him himself, his wife Edna, and their son Donald in their previous existence. The parents had long been involved in occult activities, and in 1934 they formally launched the I AM Movement. Ballard published Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence, books which told of the revelations from Germain and other Masters. Meetings were at first open to the public, but the Ballards drew criticism and adopted more secretive tactics. Mrs. Ballard gradually became the dominant figure of I AM, though it was believed that Guy would never die but would ascend directly to heaven. When he did die, numerous followers left the movement, but Mrs. Ballard claimed he had ascended and continued to lead the faithful.