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Gur Baal

GUR BAAL (gûr'bā'āl, sojourn of Baal). A small colony town of Arabs, against whom Uzziah of Judah was given divine aid (2Chr.26.7); perhaps in the desert south of Beersheba.

GURBAAL gûr’ bāl (גּוּר־בָּ֖עַל, sojourn of Baal; LXX ἐπὶ τη̂ς πέτρας, upon the rock). A city in the Negeb inhabited by Arabs, whom Uzziah conquered with the help of God (2 Chron 26:7). Its site has not been discovered. The reading of the LXX has suggested to some that the NT requires emendation.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The residence of certain Arabs against whom God helped Uzziah, king of Judah (2Ch 26:7). Its mention immediately after the Philistines may have suggested the "Gerar" of the Targum. Association with the Meunim points to the East. It may be taken as certain that Jebel Neby Harun, near Petra, has always been crowned by a sanctuary. This may have been "the dwelling place of Baal"; or, accepting Kittel’s emendation (Tur ba`al), "the rock" or "mountain of Baal." The Arabs probably dwelt in the region before the days of Petra (EB, under the word)