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Guest chamber

GUEST CHAMBER (Heb. lishkâh, Gr. kataluma). The lishkâh occurs forty-seven times in the OT and is usually translated “hall” in NIV and “chamber” in KJV, perhaps at times meaning a room in which sacrificial feasts were held. The Greek word occurs three times in the NT; once it means “inn” (Luke.2.7), and twice it is used to refer to the room in which the Last Supper took place (Mark.14.14; Luke.22.11).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

gest’-cham-ber: The translation of

(1) (lishkah) (1Sa 9:22, the King James Version "parlor"), and

(2) (kataluma) (Mr 14:14 parallel Lu 22:11).

The lishkah was probably a room in which the sacrificial feasts were held. Kataluma is derived from kataluo, which means "to slacken," i.e. the ropes of the beasts of burden, and hence, "to lodge." Kataluma has accordingly often the sense of "inn," but as used in Mr and Lu it has the narrower meaning of a room in which to eat.