GUDGODAH (gŭd-gō'da, Heb. gudgōdhâh, cleft, division). A place in the wilderness journeys of the children of Israel (Deut.10.7), corresponding to Hor Haggidgag of Num.33.32. Its identification is uncertain.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place in the wilderness journeyings (De 10:7), corresponding to Hor-haggidgad in Nu 33:32. Septuagint in each case renders (Gadgad). The site cannot now be identified; but there may be an echo of the ancient name in that of Wady Gudaghid, a confluent of Wady Jerafeh, which comes down from et Tih into the `Arabah nearly due West of Petra. There are difficulties, however, as the consonants do not correspond.

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