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Gregory XII

Pope, 1406-1415. Angelo Correr was born in Venice, and was named Latin patriarch of Constantinople in 1390. From secretary and cardinal (1405) under Innocent VII he became pope in 1406. He promised to resign if elected so that his dual resignation with the antipope at Avignon could end the Western Schism caused by the double papal election of 1378. Gregory’s envoys had reached Paris, where at Notre Dame in 1407 a solemn service of thanksgiving took place. Benedict XIII agreed to meet, but Gregory lost interest when Benedict changed his mind. Angry cardinals met at Pisa in 1409 to depose both popes and elect a third, Alexander V. Gregory though forsaken was still true pope and was supported by King Ladislaus of Naples, among others. When the Council of Constance recognized Gregory as true pope in 1415, he resigned his office. Benedict XIII refused to accept the conciliar decision, and in 1417 Constance named him heretical. Gregory became cardinal bishop of Porto and legate of the March of Ancona until his death.