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Gregory of Elvira

d. after 392. Bishop of Elvira (Eliberis) near Granada, and greatly esteemed as a defender of Nicene orthodoxy and an opponent of Arianism. After the death of Lucifer of Calaris (whose decision not to pardon those who became Arians at the Council of Arminum [359] he approved), he became head of the followers (Luciferians) of Lucifer. Later he also attacked Priscillianism.* Recent research has restored his claim to literary fame by ascribing to him books that were thought to have been written by others: e.g., De fide orthodoxa, a defense of the use of homoousios; Tractatus Origensis, twenty essays (homilies) each arising from a text of Scripture; and Tractatus de epithalamio, homilies on the Song of Solomon. Gregory's exegesis of the Bible was allegorical.