GOBLET (כֵלִים, vessels, utensils). Esther 1:7 mentions “different kinds” of golden goblets (KJV “vessels”) for the royal wine at Ahasuerus’ feast. The sing. “goblet” occurs in Song of Solomon (KJV) for אַגָּן, H110, properly “bowl, basin.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A bowl or basin (So 7:2), the only place where the word is used. `Aggan is used in the plural in Ex 24:6 and Isa 22:24, and is translated "basins" and "cups." These "basins" were used to hold the blood of the sacrifices and must have been of moderate size. The "cups" were bowl-shaped vessels and belonged evidently to the smaller class of vessels used in a house.