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GITTITES (gĭt'īt, of Gath). Natives of Gath, unconquered at the time of Joshua’s death (Josh.13.1-Josh.13.3). The ark was kept in a Gittite home (2Sam.6.8-2Sam.6.11). David’s guard included six hundred men of Gath (2Sam.15.18). Goliath was a Gittite (2Sam.21.19).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The inhabitants of Gath. They are mentioned along with the inhabitants of the other chief Philistine cities in Jos 13:3. It would seem that numbers of them emigrated to Judah, for we find 600 of them acting as a bodyguard to David with Ittai at their head (2Sa 15:18 ff; 18:2). Obed-edom, to whom David entrusted the ark when he was frustrated in bringing it into the city of David, was a Gittite (2Sa 6:11 f; 1Ch 13:13). The Gittites seem to have been remarkable for their great stature (2Sa 21:19; 1Ch 20:5 ).

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