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GIBBETHON (gĭb'ē-thŏn). Tell el-Melât, west of Gezer in the territory of Dan (Josh.19.44), allotted to the Kohathite Levites (Josh.21.23). Baasha killed King Nadab at Gibbethon while Israel was besieging the city, which was now in the hands of the Philistines (1Kgs.15.27). A quarter century later, Israel again besieged Gibbethon, and Omri was made king there by the army, when they received the news that Zimri had killed King Baasha (1Kgs.16.15-1Kgs.16.17). The army then abandoned the siege.

GIBBETHON gĭb’ bə thŏn (גִּבְּתֹ֖ון mound, height, ridge). A Philistine city assigned to Dan (Josh 19:44) and to the Levites (21:23). It was while Nadab, son of Jeroboam, was besieging Gibbethon that Baasha murdered him and assumed the crown of Israel for himself (1 Kings 15:27). Later, the Israelite army was again trying to wrest Gibbethon from the Philistines when word reached them that Zimri had murdered Baasha’s son, Elah, and proclaimed himself king. On hearing this, the army proclaimed Omri king, and Zimri committed suicide (1 Kings 16:15-20). The city (modern Tell Melat) was an important fortress on the eastern branch of the Way of the Sea, the route used by Thutmose III in his Syrian campaigns, and by Esarhaddon in his attack on Egypt.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A city in the territory of Da in the plain named with Eltekeh and Baalath (Jos 19:44), and assigned to the Kohathite Levites (Jos 21:23). Later we find it in the hands of the Philistines; and it was while besieging the city that Nadab was slain by Baasha (1Ki 15:27). After 25 years Omri, the general of Baasha, was here made king of the army when news reached them of Zimri s regicide (1Ki 16:15 ). It may possibly be identified with Kibbiah, which lies about 16 miles Southeast of Jaffa; but no certain identification is possible.