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Gerard Jan Voss

1577-1649. Dutch church historian, associated with the Remonstrant or Arminian* controversy. Educated at Leyden, he served for several years as rector of the Latin school at Dort. There he developed his textbook on Latin grammar (published in 1618), which remained in use in the Netherlands for two centuries. A supporter of the Remonstrant (“liberal”) party in the heated polemics over the revisionist ideas of Arminius and his followers, he was named regent of one of the colleges at the University of Leyden (1615). After the Synod of Dort* condemned the Remonstrants (1619), he was ousted from his post, but soon (1622) made professor of chronology and rhetoric, and later (1625) professor of Greek. In 1632, at fifty- five, with an established reputation, he was called to the new university at Amsterdam as professor of general and church history. Voss's mature field of study was the history of dogma, and he was one of the first to apply historical methodology to that sensitive field. His major work was his 1642 Dissertationes tres de tribus symbolis in which he demonstrated that the traditional attribution of the “Athanasian Creed”* to Athanasius* could not be correct. His collected works were published at Amsterdam after his death (6 vols., 1695-1701).