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Gennadius of Marseilles

d.496. Ecclesiastical historian. He is best known for his work de Viris Illustribus, which contains 101 short but useful and generally accurate biographies of ecclesiastics between 392 and 495, and thus provides a continuation of Jerome's work of the same name. In its commonly accepted form there is evidence of a second hand. The laudatory account of Jerome at the beginning of the book, for example, seems inconsistent with the hostile references to him in the biography of Rufinus. A presbyter, Gennadius seems to have been semi-Pelagian, as he censures Augustine and Prosper and praises Faustus. On the other hand, in his other work, Epistola de Fide mea or de Ecclesiasticus Dogmatibus Liber, while the freedom of man's will is strongly asserted, the beginning of goodness is assigned to divine grace. The work was long included among those of Augustine.