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GEMALLI (gē-măl'ĭ, camel owner or rider). The father of Ammiel, ruler of the tribe of Dan, and one of the twelve spies sent out to explore the land (Num.13.12).

GEMALLI gĭ măl’ ī (Heb. גְּמַלִּֽי), a son of Ammiel, a Danite, one of the ten spies sent by Moses into the Promised Land who returned with a dismal report and was judged by God and left to die in the wilderness, mentioned only in Numbers 13:12. The name Gemalli has been interpreted in various ways like “camel driver” or the like, but evidence is lacking.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Father of the spy Ammiel from the tribe of Da (Nu 13:12), who was one of those sent by Moses to spy out the land of Canaan.