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GAZZAM (găz'ăm). One of the temple servants (Nethinim, kjv) whose posterity returned from exile (Ezra.2.48; Neh.7.51).

GAZZAM găz’ əm (Heb. גָּזָ֑ם, traditionally derived from a noun for caterpillar, Amos 4:9). The name of the progenitor of some of the families of the Nethinim who returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel (536 b.c.), mentioned only in Ezra 2:48; Nehemiah 7:51. Mentioned as Gazera in 1 Esdras 5:31 (Gr. Γαζηρα).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(gazzam, "devouring"):

Head of a family of Nethinim who returned from exile (Ezr 2:48; Ne 7:51; 1Esdras 5:31, "Gazera").