Gate Between the Two Walls

This gate, made of mud brick, predates the one in the previous image. It goes back to the time of Abraham. (A protective cover has been erected over it.)

GATE BETWEEN THE TWO WALLS. This gate is mentioned only three times in the OT (2 Kings 25:4; Jer 39:4; 52:7). All three references are in the same context. Jerusalem was under siege by Nebuchadnezzar’s army in 587 b.c. Zedekiah and his army fled eastward by night through the “gate between the two walls” to the Jordan Valley. One of the identifying factors about this gate is its location near the “king’s garden” which in Nehemiah 3:15 is said to be near the Pool of Siloam (Shelah). This pool at the southernmost part of Jerusalem lay between the main city wall and an outer wall. Several scholars have identified this gate as being the same as Nehemiah’s Fountain Gate.