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GALLIM (găl'lĭm, Heb. gallîm, heaps). A town of Benjamin named with Laish and Anathoth (Isa.10.30). “Daughter of Gallim” refers to its inhabitants. It was the home of Phalti, the son of Laish (1Sam.25.44). Site uncertain.

GALLIM găl’ ĭm (גַּלִּֽים, heaps, LXX Γαλλεί [μ, G3398], B: ̔Πομμα). Identification uncertain.

The village was located in Benjamin, N of Jerusalem, near Gibeah of Saul and Anathoth. The Heb. OT refers to it (1 Sam 25:44; Isa 10:30). However, LXX also mentions it as a town situated in Judah. Here, the reference is Joshua 15, between vv. 59 and 60, where there appears a list of cities that apparently was inadvertently omitted from the Heb. Bible in the process of text transmission. In this list, Gallim is grouped with towns lying SW of Jerusalem.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(gallim), "heaps"): Probably two distinct places:

(1) A town mentioned among the 11 additional cities of Judah which are in the Septuagint appended to Jos 15:59, and have altogether disappeared from the Hebrew text. It occurs between Karem (`Ain Kairem) and Baither (Bettir); it is probably the large and flourishing village of Beit Jala, near Bethlehem.

(2) Gallim is mentioned in Isa 10:30; not far from Laishah and Anathoth and certainly North of Jerusalem. It was the home of Palti the son of Laish (1Sa 25:44), and it is by many authorities identified with the Gilgal on the North border of Judah (Jos 15:7), the Geliloth of the parallel passage (Jos 18:17), and the Beth-gilgal of Ne 12:29.