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Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher

1796-1868. German Reformed pastor. Son of Friedrich Adolf Krummacher, he was born in Mörs, near Düsseldorf, and studied at the universities of Halle and Jena. He became pastor at Frankfurt in 1819, Ruhrort (1823), Gemarke in the Wuppertal (1825), Elberfeld (1834), and the Trinity Church in Berlin (1847). In 1853 he was appointed court chaplain at Potsdam. A powerful preacher, he strenuously opposed rationalism and was an influential leader of the Evangelical Alliance in Germany. His most important and enduring work is the classic, Elias der Thisbiter (1826; ET Elijah the Tishbite, 1836), and his other works include Der Prophet Elisa (1837; ET Elisha, 1838), and David, der König von Israel (1867; ET David, The King of Israel, 1867).