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(chinnam, nedhabhah; dorean parrhesiazomai):

"Freely" occurs in three senses:ts two slightly different words. In 1Co 7:22 the word is apeleutheros, "a freeman," one who was born a slave and has received freedom. In this case it refers to spiritual freedom. He that was in bondage to sin has been presented with spiritual freedom by the Lord. In Re 6:15 the word is simply eleutheros, "a free man" as opposed to a slave.

(2) Willingly, spontaneously: nedhabhah, "willing offering" (Ps 54:6, "I will freely sacrifice unto thee," the Revised Version (British and American) "with a freewill-offering"; Ho 14:4, "I will love them freely"); nadhabh, "to give willingly’’ (Ezr 2:68, the Revised Version (British and American) "willingly offered"; compare 1:6); nedabh Aramaic (7:15; compare 7:13,16).

(3) Without hindrance or restraint, ’akhal, "to eat" is rendered in Ge 2:16, "Thou mayest freely eat," the King James Version margin" Hebrew, eating thou shalt eat"; 1Sa 14:30, "if .... the people had eaten freely"; parrhesiazomai, "to speak freely, openly, boldly" (Ac 26:26, "Unto whom also I speak freely"); meta parrhesias, "with full speech" (Ac 2:29, "I may say unto you freely").