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Frederick Field

1801-1885. Anglican scholar. Directly descended from Oliver Cromwell, Field was a Cambridge graduate who ministered briefly in Suffolk before becoming rector of Reepham, Norfolk, in 1842. He being partly deaf from an early age, the afflication worsened, and in 1863 the scholarly bachelor retired to Norwich where he devoted himself to his books. In 1870 he was appointed a member of the Old Testament Revision Company. Age and infirmity prevented his attendance at meetings, but his meticulous notes were always welcomed by his colleagues. He was an erudite patristics scholar, specializing in the works of Chrysostom and of Origen, whose Hexapla he edited (1875). Bishop Christopher Wordsworth called him “the Jerome of the Church.” In the field of NT linguistics he made a significant contribution with his Otium Norviceuse (1864-81). In theology Field described himself as holding the catholic faith of the reformed Church of England, avoiding all extremes and party labels.