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Fort, Fortress

FORT, FORTRESS. Every major city in ancient times was fortified by a wall and its citadel. The KJV often speaks of such cities as “fenced,” the NIV as “fortified.” Even before the Israelites entered Canaan, they were terrified by the reports of cities “fortified and very large” (Num.13.1-Num.13.33; Deut.1.28). Jerusalem was so well fortified that it was not until the time of David that the city was captured from the Jebusites. Usually the city was built on a hill, and the fortifications followed the natural contour of the hill. Many times there was both an inner and an outer wall. The walls were built of brick and stone and were many feet thick. After the Israelites entered the land they too built fortified cities (Deut.28.52; 2Sam.20.6).