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(yatsar, to’ar; morphe):

(2) Form (noun) is used for

(a) appearance, mar’eh, "sight," "appearance" (Job 4:16, "I could not discern the form thereof" the Revised Version (British and American) "appearance" with "form" for "image" (temunah) in next sentence); tselem, Aramaic "image" (Da 3:19, "The form of his visage was changed"); rew, "form," "likeness" (Da 2:31; 3:25, the Revised Version (British and American) "aspect"); to’ar, "visage," "form" (1Sa 28:14, "What form is he of?");

(b) the fixed or characteristic form of anything, tabhnith, "model," "form" (Eze 8:3; 10:8, "the form of a hand"; Eze 8:10, "every form of creeping things"); morphe, characteristic form as distinguished from schema, changing fashion (Php 2:6, "in the form of God"; Php 2:7, "the form of a servant"; less distinctly Mr 16:12, "in another form");

(c) shape, model, pattern, mold, tsurah, "shape," from tsur, "to cut or carve" (Eze 43:11, ter, "the form of the house," etc.); mishpat, "rule" (2Ch 4:7 the King James Version); tupos, "type," "impress" (Ro 6:17, the Revised Version, margin "pattern"); hupotuposis, "outline," pattern (2Ti 1:13, the Revised Version (British and American) "pattern"); morphosis, "form," "appearance" (Ro 2:20, "the form of knowledge");

(e) Show, without substance, morphosis, "form" (2Ti 3:5, "holding a form of godliness").