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2. מִזְרֶה, H4665. A pitchfork prob. with six prongs, used in winnowing grain (Isa 30:24, KJV “fan”). Used fig. in Jeremiah 15:7, KJV “fan.” Bezalel, the chief architect of the Tabernacle, was also a skillful metal artificer, and among the implements he made for it were bronze forks (Exod 38:3; cf. 27:3). David provided gold to make implements, including forks, for the Temple (1 Chron 28:17), and Huram-abi made some of bronze (2 Chron 4:16).

3. Πτύον. John the Baptist said that when the Messiah came He would take a winnowing fork in His hand and purge the floor of chaff and burn it with unquenchable fire (Matt 3:12, KJV “fan”).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(shelosh qilleshon):

This compound word, meaning strictly "three points" or "three prongs," is found only once (1Sa 13:21), and doubtless there refers to the agricultural tool now known as the pitchfork. It might, however, also be a weapon.