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FORESKIN (Heb. ‘orlâh, Gr. akrobystia). The fold of skin that is cut off in the operation of circumcision. Just as the American Indians used scalps of enemies as signs of their prowess, so David presented two hundred foreskins of the Philistines (1Sam.18.25-1Sam.18.27). In Deut.10.16 (kjv) the word is used figuratively meaning submission to God’s law. In Hab.2.16 (kjv) it refers to the indecent exhibitionism of a drunken man.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`orlah; akrobustia, often euphemistically translated "uncircumcision"):

Very early we find the practice one of which the descendants of Abraham became proud (Ge 34:14), so that we see the uncircumcised despised and scorned (1Sa 17:26), and in the time of oppression under King Antiochus Epiphanes many Israelites suffered martyrdom rather than give up the distinctive sign of their people ( 1Macc 1:48,60,61; 2Macc 6:10). Among the Arabs and all Mohammedans the custom of circumcision prevails from pre-Islamic times, for it is nowhere ordered in the Koran, and the appellation "uncircumcised" ghalaf)is considered the greatest possible insult.

See Circumcision; Concision.