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FISHHOOK. Not only the means of catching fish as is done today, but also of keeping them, at least for a time (cf. Amos.4.2 with Job.41.1-Job.41.2). Peter generally used a net, but see Matt.17.27, where the Lord told him to cast a hook (kjv).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(cir dughah, chakkah):

The word "fishhooks" occurs but twice in the American Standard Revised Version (Job 41:1; Am 4:2). In other passages the word hook or "angle" is applied to this instrument for fishing (Isa 19:8; Job 41:2). The ancient Egyptian noblemen used to amuse themselves by fishing from their private fishpools with hook and line. The Egyptian monuments show that the hook was quite commonly used for catching fish. The hook is still used in Bible lands, although not as commonly as nets. It is called a cinnarat, probably from the same root as tsinnah, the plural of which is translated hooks in Am 4:2. In Mt 17:27, agkistron (literally, "fishhook"), is rendered "hook."

James A. Patch