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Fenton John Anthony Hort

1828-1892. NT critic and biblical scholar. With B.F. Westcott* he edited an edition of the Greek NT (1881) which formed the basis for the English Revised Version and which set the pattern for nearly all future editions of the Greek text. The fifty-seven-page introduction by Hort sets out the basic elements of the science of textual criticism which remain, in all essentials, valid to the present. With his friends Westcott and J.B. Lightfoot,* he planned to write a complete commentary on the NT. Hort was to be responsible for the synoptic gospels, Acts, the general epistles, and the Apocalypse. Due to a tendency towards perfectionism he was able to publish very little, though it is generally regarded that he was the greatest of the three Cambridge scholars. His written legacy consists of a few fairly fragmentary works, most of them published posthumously, including Two Dissertations (on John 1:18 and on the Eastern Creeds, both 1876); The Way, the Truth, the Life (1893); Judaistic Christianity (1894); The Christian Ecclesia (1897); I Peter i.1-ii.17 (1898).