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EUBULUS (yū-bū'lŭs). A Christian disciple at Rome who, with others, saluted Timothy (2Tim.4.21).

EUBULUS ū bū’ ləs (Εὔβουλος, G2300, well-advised). A friend with Paul during his second Rom. imprisonment who sent greetings to Timothy (2 Tim 4:21). His Gr. name implies he was prob. a Gentile by birth. Apparently a member of the Rom. church, he is otherwise unknown. The name is common in papyri and inscrs.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(Euboulos, literally, "of good counsel," 2Ti 4:21):

One of the members of the church in Rome at the time of Paul’s second imprisonment in that city.

The apostle mentions how, at his first answer to the charges brought against him at the emperor’s tribunal, the Roman Christians as a whole proved disloyal to him "no one took my part, but all forsook me" (2Ti 4:16). In these circumstances when the desertion of Paul by the Christians in Rome was so disheartening, it is pleasing to find that there were some among them who were true, and Eubulus was one of these. Paul therefore in writing the last of all his epistles sends to Timothy a greeting from Eubulus.

Nothing more is known in regard to Eubulus. As his name is Greek, he was probably a Gentile by birth. John Rutherfurd