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ETHNI (ĕth'nī). A Gershonite Levite and an ancestor of Asaph whom David set over the service of song (1Chr.6.41). Likely the same person named Jeatherai in 1Chr.6.21.

ETHNI ĕth’ nī (אֶתְנִ֥י, LXX Αθανι, gift). An ancestor of Asaph.

The only occurrence of this man’s name is in 1 Chronicles 6:41 where he appears in the genealogy of Asaph the musician. He is of the tribe of Levi through his son Gershom. In a somewhat parallel list in 1 Chronicles 6:21 Jeatherai is recorded as being the son of Zerah instead of Ethni. Both lists apparently have gaps in them, so this problem is easily explained.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’ethni, "gift"):

An ancestor of Asaph, of the Gershom branch of the Levites (1Ch 6:41).