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ETHER (ē'thêr, Heb. ‘ether). A town in Judah named in Josh.15.42 (modern Khirbet Ater). Perhaps the same assigned to Simeon in Josh.19.7, Josh.19.9.

ETHER e’ thər (עֶ֖תֶר; ̓Αθέρ). One of the nine cities of the tribe of Judah (Josh 15:42) given to the tribe of Simeon (19:7). The place suggested for the city is Khirbet el ’Atr, near Beit Jibrîn. It was located in the Negev of Judah between Libnah and Ashan. The site is prob. to be sought on the border of the Negev, but thus far no positive identification of the city by competent authorities has been made. In this instance, there is a clear example of transference of two cities—Ether and Ashan, which were removed from the end of the Negev list (19:7) to one of the districts of the Shephelah country (15:42).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`ether; Ather):

A town in Judah (Jos 15:42), near Libnah, assigned to Simeon (Jos 19:7). Kh. el `Atr (identical in spelling with Ether) is possibly the site.

It is near Beit Jibrin and is described as "an ancient site: cisterns, foundations, quarried rock and terraces" (PEF, III, 261, 279).