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Epistles, Apocryphal

See also Apocryphal epistles

EPISTLES, APOCRYPHAL ə pŏk’ rə fəl. Interest in the apostles generally took the form of apocryphal Acts, relating their travels, miracles, and martyrdoms, rather than of letters forged in support of some doctrinal position. An exception is the Epistle of pseudo-Titus, in praise of virginity. Jesus left nothing in writing, but Eusebius preserved an apocryphal correspondence with Abgar of Edessa. The Letters of Paul and Seneca are clear propaganda, the Epistle to the Laodiceans is forged to fill a gap in the Pauline Corpus, and the Epistle of the Apostles is largely an alleged account of revelations given by the risen Jesus. Other letters are to be found in such documents as the pseudo-Clementines and the Acts of Paul. See Apocryphal New Testament 3, and separate articles.