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En Rimmon

EN RIMMON (ĕn rĭm'ŏn, Heb. ‘ên-rimmôn, fountain of a pomegranate). A place south of Jerusalem (Zech.14.10), eleven miles (eighteen km.) NE of Beersheba. Alternatively “Ain and Rimmon” in Josh.15.32; Josh.19.7; 1Chr.4.32. En Rimmon was reinhabited after the Captivity (Neh.11.29).

EN-RIMMON ĕn rĭm’ ən (עֵ֥ין רִמֹּ֛ון, spring of the pomegranate). A village resettled after the exile (Neh 11:29). Joshua 15:32 (RSV Rimmon); 19:7 (RSV En-rimmon) 1 Chronicles 4:32 mentions two places, Ain and Rimmon in the same area, first allotted to Judah and then transferred to Simeon. Since the site has not been excavated, it is not clear whether the name refers to two small settlements which later coalesced, or whether, as seems far more likely, one place has been divided into two by a scribal error. It is possibly also the Rimmon of Zechariah 14:10. It is generally idenified with Khirbet Umm er-Rumamin nine m. N of Beer-sheba.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`en-rimmon, "the fountain of Rimmon" (see Rimmon), or perhaps "the spring of the pomegranate"; Eromoth, Rhemmon):

A city of Judah (Jos 15:32), "Ain and Rimmon"; ascribed to Simeon (Jos 19:7; 1Ch 4:32, "Ain, Rimmon"). In Ne 11:29 mentioned as reinhabited after the Captivity. Zec 14:10, runs: "All the land shall be made like the Arabah, from Geba to Rimmon, south of Jerusalem." It must have been a very southerly place. In the Eusebius, Onomasticon, ("Erimmon") it is described as a "very large village 16 miles South of Eleutheropolis." Kh. Umm er Rumamin, 9 miles North of Beersheba is the usually accepted site. See PEF, 398; Sh XXIV.