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ELTOLAD (ĕl-tō'lăd). A city in the Negev of Judah toward Edom (Josh.15.30), but assigned to Simeon (Josh.19.4). Also (1Chr.4.29) called Tolad.

ELTOLAD ĕl tō’ lăd (Heb. אֶלְתּוֹלַ֥ד), a place name mentioned only in Joshua 15:30; 19:4. According to a recurrent folk-etymology the name means, “the place where children may be obtained.” From this it has been deduced with little evidence that it was the site of some ancient pagan temple of fertility. It was a town of Judah mentioned with Ezem (modern, Abu ’iz̄am) and Hormah (modern, Tell es-sab’) somewhere between ’Ararah and Beersheba. A variant of the name, Tolad (q.v.) occurs in 1 Chronicles 4:29.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’eltoladh, "kindred of God"):

A city of Judah in the Negeb near Edom (Jos 15:30); in Jos 19:4 ascribed to Simeon. Probably the same as Tolad (1Ch 4:29), the Arabic article "el" being omitted. Site unknown.