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Eliada, Eliadah

ELIADA, ELIADAH ĭ lī’ ə də (אֶלְיָדָ֖ע, LXX ̓Ελιαδάε, meaning God knows). In the OT three men were known by this name. 1. A son of David, born in Jerusalem (2 Sam 5:16; 1 Chron 3:8). In 1 Chronicles 14:6 he is called Beeliada, a variant spelling for Baaliada. Here Baal is substituted for El.

2. Father of Rezon, who overthrew Hadadezer and became king of Syria (1 Kings 11:23, 24).

3. A skilled soldier and a commander of 200,000 Benjaminite archers during Jehoshaphat’s reign (2 Chron 17:17).