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E(li) Stanley Jones

See also E. Stanley Jones

1884-1973. Missionary to India. Born in Maryland, he was ordained as a Methodist minister and appointed first to the Lal Bagh English-speaking church in Lucknow. Soon, however, he was released to a wider ministry among English-speaking Indians. Possessing a deep understanding of Indian culture and religion, he sought to interpret the Christian faith to the educated, not as a Western import, but as the fulfillment of their own spiritual longings. A popular preacher, he was also a spokesman for peace, racial brotherhood, and social justice. His encouragement of Indian independence led to his being barred from the country for a period by the British authorities. In 1930 he founded a Christian ashram for study and meditation in Sal Tal, which many continue to attend. During his extensive world travels he was responsible for the foundation of similar centers in America and several European countries. He also established the Nur Manzil psychiatric center in Lucknow. He was the author of twenty-nine books, the best known being Christ of the Indian Road and Abundant Living.