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Edward Fisher

c.1601-1655. Anglican theological writer. He graduated in Arts at Oxford (1630), where he showed an excellent command of church history and the classics. While records are not clear, he is known to have been a royalist supporter and strongly anti-Puritan. Monetary difficulties set him traveling, and for a time he taught school at Carmarthen in Wales. His creditors found him, however, and he fled to Ireland, where he died. Fisher was the author of The Scriptures Harmony and An Appeale to thy Conscience, both published in 1643. Parts of another work of his, A Christian Caveat to the old and new Sabbatarians, in which he declined to regard Sunday as a Sabbath (a purely ecclesiastical device), were reprinted in New York two centuries after his death by the Seventh-Day Baptists of America. An early eighteenth- century school of thought identified Fisher with the “E.F.” who wrote the Marrow of Modern Divinity, but Fisher's obviously superior education makes this highly improbable.