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EDNA (from עֶדְנָה, H6366, delight). Wife of Raguel in Ecbatana and mother of Sarah who became the wife of Tobias (Tobit 7:2). Raguel brings the marriage scroll for the marriage of Tobias and Sarah (7:14), Edna prepares the marriage chamber and comforts Sarah (7:15, 16). She accepts Tobias as a son-in-law, her farewell to the departing couple is touching (10:12), and in turn she receives the blessing of Tobias (11:1). She is named Anna in the Vul. which also is the name of the wife of Tobit.

Masculine names (Adnah, Eden, Adna) occur from the same root (1 Chron 12:20; 2 Chron 17:14; 29:12; Ezra 10:30; Neh 12:15).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


Wife of Raguel and mother of Sarah who married Tobias (Tobit 7:2, etc.; 10:12; 11:1). "Edna" in Hebrew means "pleasure" and corresponds to Latin Anna.