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Dung (Dung Gate)

DUNG (DUNG GATE). The excrement of humans and animals. In the Bible ten different words meaning dung are used, nine of them in Heb. and one in Gr.

In the NT Paul uses the term to refer to that which is despised and worthless. Paul counts all other things as “dung” compared with knowing Christ (Phil 3:8).

The name “Dung Gate” is found in four passages in the Book of Nehemiah and refers to one of the gates of Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s day. From this gate Nehemiah surveyed the broken walls of Jerusalem in the night (2:13). It was located between the Valley Gate (3:13) and the Fountain Gate (3:15). It was repaired by Malchijah, the son of Rechab. It was near this gate that Nehemiah had the dedication of the wall when it was completed (12:31). It is most probable from the series of gates mentioned in Nehemiah, that the Dung Gate was on the Tyropoeon side of the city and led down to that valley. Perhaps dung was dumped here in the valley at one time. Today, the Dung Gate is that gate on the S side of the walled city, leading down to the spur Ophel which was the ancient city of David. (See also Dung Gate.)


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