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Drawer(s) of Water

DRAWER(S) OF WATER (שֹֽׁאֲבֵי־מַ֨יִם, LXX ὑδροφόρος). A lowly servant class. This expression is usually coupled with “hewers of wood.” Drawing water was a menial task which was often performed by women (Gen 24:13; 1 Sam 9:11). Sometimes it was assigned to young men (Ruth 2:9). It may have been customary to subject defeated enemies to this service as Israel did to the Gibeonites (Josh 9:21ff.). The well or spring was usually located outside the city walls. The water was carried into the city in water pots or goatskins by the drawer of water or on donkey back. Drawers of water are listed as the lowliest of those entering into covenant with God (Deut 29:11).