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DOEG (dō'ĕg). An Edomite whom Saul had made chief of his herdsmen. When David, fleeing from Saul, came to Nob, Doeg was being “detained before the Lord ” for some reason. He reported to Saul about the help Ahimelech the priest gave David (1Sam.21.1-1Sam.21.9). In revenge Saul gathered all the house of Ahimelech and Doeg killed them, eighty-five priests, all the women and children of the village, and even the cattle (1Sam.22.11-1Sam.22.23).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

"The Edomite," a servant of Saul, who watched David’s intercourse with the priest Ahimelech, then denounced the priest to the king, and later executed his command to slay the priests at Nob. The position he held is described as that of "the mightiest" of Samuel’s herdsmen (1Sa 21:7 margin). Septuagint reads: "tending the mules." Rabbinical legends speak of him as the greatest scholar of his time. The traditional title of Ps 52 associates the composition of that Psalms with the events that led to the slaying of the priests (1Sa 21:7; 22:9,18,22).

Nathan Isaacs